How to use

Fitting / Dismantling

Trazione Plus fits in a easy and immediate way.

In a few simple movements you DRIVE again on snow-clad or frozen road surfaces. It is ideal for any types of cars. Fitting is easy and immediate.


The time necessary for fitting is only 60 seconds, in just 3 steps.

Fitting Snow Socks

  • Stop your vehicle on a level ground;
  • Wear a pair of gloves and set Trazione Plus on the top side of the wheel;
  • Give the wheel a half-round in order to carry out fitting.


Dismantling is equally easy; it takes only 20 seconds!

Dismantling Snow Socks

  • Remove Trazione Plus from the top side of the wheel;
  • Move the vehicle in order to carry out dismantling.

Available Sizes

Trazione Plus is available in different sizes according to tyre dimensions.

→ Download PDF of sizes list

Direction for use

Trazione Plus is a device that can be easily set on to the driving wheels of any vehicle in order to get a better adhesive force on snow-clad or on frozen road surfaces. It is advisable to use it on snow-clad surfaces only, since driving on dry carriageways might negatively influence the vehicle’s behaviour.

WARNING: while fitting and/or dismantling Trazione Plus always wear legally approved personal protective equipment. Little stones between the wheel and the snow traction aid might either break Trazione Plus or warn it out.


  • Use Trazione Plus on snow-clad or frozen road surfaces only.
  • Do not drive faster than 40 km/h.
  • Drive carefully without suddenly braking or gaining speed.
  • Warning: please always keep to the instructions given by the manufacturer of your vehicle.
  • Do not try to mend the Trazione Plus device by yourself, without previous authorization obtained from its manufacturer.
  • Always wash Trazione Plus after any use and let it dry in the open air before putting it away into its original packing.
  • Always check the conditions of the device after use: no tearing ought to be visible.
  • Hand-wash at 30°. 100% polyester fabrics

Hints for proper recycling:

  • Tread 100% polyester fabrics;
  • Grey band 87% PA – 13% PU;
  • Elastic band 50% PO – 50% rubber;
  • Acid green band 100% PP.