Trazione Plus

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Trazione Plus is a registered trademark belonging to the society Manifattura Treponti SRL, a company active in the research field that has developed and holds all the rights of this new device that improves the road safety of cars during unfavourable winter conditions.

Trazione Plus is the best device to safely drive on roads covered by snow.

Trazione Plus is a new anti-skid device for snow-clad or frozen roads. It is made of fabric and it guarantees high performances.

It is approved by TÜV Osterreich and it complies with the rule Önorm V5121.

With Trazione Plus the period of SNOW CHAINS is officially finished!

The anti-skid fabric enables Trazione Plus to have a great grip both on snow-clad and on frozen roads thanks to its particular structure and to high-toughness textile fibres it is made of.

With Trazione Plus snow scares no longer!